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Lilian Fraternalism

This is the Lilian Fraternalism pamphlet.  It goes through a specific verse of the Gospel, examining it through the lens of one of its rituals. 




143_069 - Bonjour!  Or is it Hello?  Here in Montreal, we've been asking ourselves that question for a while, and the recent referendum, has pushed the issue to some pretty intense levels, even within the Temple.  When I started to notice some of the boys in the schoolhouse rebelling against their English teachers, rejecting their friends, and even eschewing long-time lovers, I knew I had to put my foot down.  I was raised Francophonic myself, but I never allowed it to define who I would and would not speak to, or sleep with.  I needed to nip this business in the bud, before it ripped our entire Temple apart, and I knew just the woman who could help me.  Most of us remember 1988 quite fondly, as the year that Sister Jozefien Van der Walt *somewhat* forcefully removed the then High Priestess, Mirthe Goosen, from her leadership position in the (white) Cape Town Regional Temple.  Soon after, she integrated the Cape Town Temple completely, and joined with the Covens of Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, and Walvis Bay, to form their regional power block.  The first ritual that she performed, as High Priestess, was based on a relatively obscure (at the time) and forgettable (for us) element, of The Gospel's first chapter.

144_070 - "When a boy cries out to me in lustful abandon, he becomes my son, and I, his mother.  He has given me his seed, as sacrifice to the revolution that he has taken as his own.  I invite him to join with with his brothers, and nurse at my plentiful bosom.  Out of love, and revolutionary zeal, a multitude of faithful youths have been drawn towards my embrace, and my deepest desire, is that they may come to know one another, and please me as one heart."  Looking back, it's really quite amazing, the degree to which we'd all simply glanced over such a beautiful passage.  Mother Sophia didn't bring it up that much.  It wasn't ever mentioned in the (widely acclaimed) Nefertiti Jones films.  We focused so much on the unification of our sisters, that we forgot about our sons!  We all just *assumed* that they were immune to the trappings of disunity.  But just as we can teach our children how to hate, we can also teach them how to love, and Our Goddess' word, has given us the tools.  The image of 2 lovely lads, clinging tightly, together, to their cherished Priestess, is a poignant one.  Obviously, the resemblance to our Triple Moon symbol cannot be ignored, but beyond the superficial, this image makes clear the unity, that must come from loving a single goddess.  This unity is what saved the Cape Town Temple, and it was my *hope*, that I could channel that same zeal, in Montreal.

124_050 - When I spoke to Sister Jozefien, I was quite surprised, to find that her two adult slaves, were actually the very same boys, that she'd performed that first ritual with.  The three of them were inseparable, and very much in love.  Jozefien made very clear, her philosophy on the *types* of boys who were best, for the ritual.  This ritual, officially titled, "The Confirmation of Fraternal Unity", is a "Performance" ritual.  It was designed as a theological training tool, to be performed by Nuns or Priestesses, and their Acolytes.  Sister Jozefien told me that the nature of this ritual, was such that the best boys, will always be the ones closest to you, as well as one another.  They don't necessarily need to be lovers, but they do need to be *close*.  The boys that I chose, were a couple of my Acolytes.  Antoine, with the bowl cut, and Thomas, with the bob.  They'd regularly go on paired outcalls together, and the three of us, would often gravitate to each other, during our holiday orgies.  In short, they were *perfect*, and even better, the two of them were quite enthusiastic about the ritual, when I showed them a couple videos!

92_020 - Sister Jozefien's original ritual was done like most of the early performance rituals, on a circle of plush, violet bedding, in the center of a circle of sisters and their boys.  We decided to take a similar approach, but we decided to change it up a bit, since *our* focus was on language, and culture, *not* skin color, or ethnicity.  So instead of Sister Jozefien's solemn, tight-lipped delivery, with the boys saying nothing, and Jozefien herself, only reciting from The Gospel, we'd be starting off, with Antoine and Thomas giving me their lovely little dirty talk, in their mother tongue!  I would respond in kind, stroking them both together, turning to Antoine, to serenade him in French, while Thomas, got the kinkiest English enticements, that I could muster.  As the scene started to heat up, my darling duo would switch to their *true* mother tongue, the delicious gasps and moans of a boy on the edge, unique to each, but common among all! 

93_021 - One of the reasons why I picked Antoine and Thomas for this ritual, was their synchroneity.  The 'lustful cry' of one, will always lead to the 'abandon', of the other, and in the end, their shared 'sacrifice' comes spurting out over their lover, mixing and melding, the separate seeds dripping into each other, as they erupt from the two *very* pleasured, 'partners in slime'.  Not only is it great fun for me, to take their jizz so early in the ritual, but it's also quite important, for the next scene. 

100_028 - One of the reasons why Sister Jozefien placed so much importance on the *closeness* of the boys, was this element of the ritual.  When the boys come, they're not paying much attention to *where* it's going, aside from the obvious, all over the Priestess' face and tits.  Well, before they can 'nurse at the plentiful bosom', they have to perform some very important, and very *poignant*, ablutions.  You know how they say that we all bleed red?  Well we all *jizz* white, and the milk is white, too!  So this element of the ritual presents the image of two boys, from "enemy tribes", not only giving their shared lover an equal tribute, but also freely imbibing one another's identical seed, before partaking in the nourishing, nurturing, lifegiving liquid, of their spiritual mother. 

128_054 - Once the little ones have taken their fill, the real meat of the ritual can begin.  As intense as this ritual is, from a community standpoint, it actually isn't particularly *long*, or arduous, from the Priestess' end.  This isn't the 12 boy chain-fucking marathon, of "The Procession of Martyrs".  It isn't one of Medea Circe's 30 minute juggernauts of burlesque comedy, poledance, and lapdance.  Depending on how long you decide to nurse the boys for (shorter is better), and how long they last fucking you (probably not that long), this ritual can run from between 10 and 20 minutes, and usually, it's around 12 to 15.  If you need to pad things out for scheduling, though, this is where you'd do it.  The boys are supposed to be taking turns licking you all over, ostensibly to open you up for anal, but really, you're always going to be prepped beforehand, so it's mostly just for show.  We just decided to *make* it a show, having each boy wax poetic to the other, in his mother tongue, about how much he loved each bit.  The effect, performance-wise, is to show the two "enemies" bonding, over their shared love of, and desire for, their Goddess.

108_036 - After Sister Jozefien's first ritual, the popularity of these verses rose exponentially within the Temple communities, and some 'alternative interpretations' began to sprout up.  One in particular, became especially prevalent, the idea that the "join" in "join with his brothers", and the "come" in "come to know one another", were Our Goddess making clever references, to gay sex.  There certainly *are* rituals, very popular rituals, that focus on these elements.  I was not making one of those.  *But*, the interpretation has become so very widespread, especially among the wealthier sisters, who often make these performances their entire "night out", that we do have to at least pay lip service to it.  We do this through a couple of dual scenes, where I'll either lay back, or hop up, and take one of the boys in my cunt, while the other watches, and strokes one out.  "*Coming* to know".  Then, when they both shoot their spunk, they'll switch places, and do it all over again!  Normally, we'll lick each other clean after both sessions, before we head into the grand finale.

133_059 - The final scene, and the final element, of this ritual, is designed to bring all of the other elements together, and represent the joining of two tribes, beneath the loving and pleasurable mantle of their shared spiritual mother.  Specifically, though, it is designed to represent the joining of those two tribes *in their shared goal, to please their goddess*.  This is what separates the final scene, from any of the others.  In the first scene, the boys were being pleasured, and giving tribute.  In the second scene, they were being nourished.  The third scene featured them discovering their goddess, and the fourth, was about pleasing her separately, and learning from one another, *how* to better serve.  But this final scene is about dual service, and not only that, *equal* service.  For that reason, the position pictured, is *not* the one that we generally use, for these rituals.

142_068 - *This* is the position that we use, for our final scenes.  In the sitting positions, there's usually one boy who can do a lot of movement, while the other, is basically stuck underneath you.  This can be quite nice, from a purely pleasure based perspective, but it really doesn't look that great on-stage, and it's not the "equal struggle" that we're really looking for.  Sister Jozefien, in her first ritual, had the boys switch places, and just went through a couple of positions.  Because we're normally doing these rituals as part of a larger performance set, with a lot of different acts, we generally don't have time to cycle through a lot of positions.  So we picked this one.  The real beauty of this scene, and of this position in general, is that the boys are both able to please you, together, and please one another, as well.  They're more than able to feel each other moving around in there, and one thing that I've noticed, especially with Antoine and Thomas, is that they'll often be as interested in getting *each other* off, as they are, in giving it to me!  By the time we're ready to finish the ritual, I'm usually doubling over, with my hands squeezing the ass of one, pulling him in close, while my calves wrap themselves around another, keeping *him* from pulling out!  One last time, we all cry out to the mother in the shared language of lust, as my two little lovers fill me up together. 

138_064 - As much as this *is* a performance ritual, there actually is a lot of potential, for mothers, sisters, mistresses, and even teachers, to use this ritual in their homes, or classrooms.  The ritual *really* shines, when it's being done between a Priestess, her Acolyte, and her son.  Or, when a convert is being brought in through CPS, and placed into a family, as the "second son".  At home, there's no real need to emphasize any of the language, or racial aspects, unless they are particularly pertinent.   The greatest utility of this ritual, both at home, and on the stage, is its capacity to bring the three practitioners together.  If the ritual is being performed, it must be practiced beforehand, and by the time our first performance came around, Antoine, Thomas, and myself, had gotten to the point where we were getting aroused together, coming together, and even breathing together, as we slept!  This effect might be lessened slightly, for simple home practitioners, but remember, to conduct a performance ritual, you don't need a stage, or a lighting setup, tables, waiters, or a bar.  You don't even need a bed, to have a ritual expo night!  A ritual performance, at its most basic level, can be conducted in the woods, for a circle of 3 women, or even, for The Goddess, herself.  Our rituals have been bringing the boys of the Montreal Temple together, and I would definitely reccomend them to other sisters, in need of a little Fraternal Unity!

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