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Living Gospel

This is the Living Gospel pamphlet.  It essentially combines and condenses elements of the Position Pamphlet and Timid Boys Pamphlet, into a single package. 



183_0012 - The Living Gospel.  When Mother Sophia confirmed her first few Nuns, that was what she called us.  The Living Gospel, and the Living Goddess.  Lilith lives within all of her devotees, in the sacred wombs of her daughters, and in the immaculate hearts of her sons.  But as ladies, we have a special role, in her revolution.  We represent her most direct representatives, on this Earth, and to her boys.  Just as they drink from our plentiful bosoms, they also are nourished, by gentle advices.  *We* are the Gospel, and *we* are the Goddess, as far as they are concerned.  Our boys will always most readily come to know their goddess through us, her representatives.  The word itself is important, but that word must also become flesh, and make its dwelling among our faithful brothers and sons, for them to truly understand revolution.  When you take a beautiful young boy as your bonded student, you also take on a very special role, in his theological life.  You *become* his goddess, and as much as your training should be from the text, it should also be from the heart.

199_0028 - Our Prophet often spoke quite fondly, of a "cult of the breast", that had cropped up among our boys.  In the Gospel, Our Goddess often relates the act of nursing a child, to the pedagogical labor, that she has taken over the centuries.  But even without the poignant act of drinking from one's goddess, the bosom, soft and warm, has always been a place of special reverence, for our boys.  It is a place of sanctuary, for a sobbing son, as he burrows in, cradled by your loving arms.  It is a place of relaxation, for a pooped-out pupil, reclining into the safety, of your embrace.  It is a place of pleasure, for an eager admirer, as he thrusts between your cleavage, howling with delight, when he finally witnesses Our Goddess, and coats your collar with his cream.  The cult of the breast will always be the first stop, on your bonded student's journey, towards his place in our cadre.  Make sure to give him ample time, to explore and enjoy your ample bust. 

236_0065 - One of the most special and emblematic symbols of Our Goddess' love, is the nursing worship position.  This specific position, incorporates every element of Lilith's adoration for her little ones.  The boy lays in the warmth and comfort of his goddess' lap, drinking from her bountiful breast.  He pleasures her with his tongue, and fingers, and she, in turn, exchanges that pleasure, with her own stroking caress.  But unique to this practice, is the spiritual joy, and unity, of the earthly representative, with her bonded student, and slave.  With her free hand, The Goddess cradles her baby's head, stroking his soft hair, and gazing down, into his loving and trusting eyes.  The two of them share a special love, not as spiritually intense as that of oral worship, or as viscerally pleasing, as dual worship, but important, nonetheless.  As our boy stares up at his goddess, and approaches his pleasure, his hips bucking into her loving grasp, and his tongue lashing fervently, at her nourishing nipple, their spiritual eyes make contact, and they become as one, in a way that is grounded, personal, and *very* memorable.

277_0106 - As a nun, bonded to a student, you are responsible for your charge's sexual education.  But this education doesn't begin and end with teaching him to lick, or training up his stamina.  A very important role of any nun, but especially a bonded one, is to teach her lovely little student, how to better worship, when he's all alone, and thinking of his goddess.  Our Mother loves novelty, and diversity, in the erotic games of her children, and when she sees a boy, passionately pumping, calling out her name, as he accepts her word, it pleasures her immensely.  But what pleases her even more, is the image of a curious little lover, playfully teasing a new, or recently discovered bliss button.  Don't ever think that your sexy students are just waiting around for *you* to come over and play.  They often have very active solo sex lives, and this should be encouraged, by you.  The best way to keep them stroking, is to constantly be opening new doors, and pathways of arousal, in their horny little hearts. 

241_0070 - Easily the most overhyped, and excessively discussed element of a boy's sexual education, is teaching him about pussy.  Yes, it is important.  Yes, he'll be spending a lot of time down there.  Yes, he *needs* to know these things.  Too often, however, we get so wrapped up in the training aspect of it all, that we forget the exploration!  We forget how to just lay back, and let these boys have fun!  There is certainly a time for serious training, but there is also a time for simple play.  Our Goddess, in her Gospel, has written at length about the joy of letting a kittenish young lover frolic between her thighs, poking and prodding, giggling sweetly, as he spreads her open, and moaning lightly, as his coquettish tongue tests the waters, before diving in, and worshiping fully.  When showing *your* boys the 'nice spread', you should hold them back a bit, from doing what they'd normally do.  Give them an opportunity to play, with no expectations, and no demands.  You'll soon find that his adorable curiosity will make a comeback, when it's permitted to. 

268_0097 - There's a time for play, but there's also a time for practice.  Oral worship truly *is* one of the most important elements of our faith, and it's often the starting point, for another crucial matter.  Female Domination.  Our Goddess loves her little ones, and that love is often expressed, through her maternally protective edicts.  We, as clergy and cadre, *must* take stewardship over our beloved brothers in faith.  There are a great number of methods with which we express this unique adoration, but one of the most basic, and encompassing, is the practice of "Queening".  Unlike other oral worship positions, this one is quite firmly female dominant.  It is quite outwardly harsh.  There is often little or no opportunity for the boy to move around, or stop licking.  Any solo-worship can be quickly stopped.  Even if his tongue relents, the mistress is quite free to rub herself off on his lips, or even his nose.  Lastly, and quite brutally, his spiritual eye is misaligned, with his goddess' sacred womb.  But these factors belie a unique comfort, for our boys.  Beneath their mistress, and nestled into the core of her femininity, they can take solace, in their own helplessness.  Delivered from the shackles of expectation, and demand, they can truly allow their devotion and love, to flow freely. 

226_0055 - Anyone who's *really* read The Gospel, knows that Our Goddess' focus on oral worship is nowhere near one sided.  Entire books have been devoted to the fondness that she's shown towards fellating her young devotees.  This special love has often been misunderstood, especially in the Jehovan world, as being male-dominant, or patriarchal.  As revolutionaries, however, we must strive to understand Our Goddess, and her desires.  Just as you encouraged your student to playfully explore and experiment with your snatch, you shouldn't be rushing to pleasures with him, either.  Learn his length!  Every throb, and twitch, can tell you something new about his unique sexuality, and his adorable little gasps and moans, can tell you even more.  As his goddess, you should savor his shaft, planting warm, loving kisses up and down, enjoying the taste of his tantalizing tip, and even relishing in his special scent.  Squeeze his hands tight, as he explodes down your throat, and blow his little mind, as you swallow each and every succulent spurt!

330_0159 - A large number of Priestesses and Nuns, over the years, have tried to quantify the importance of each individual element of a boy's sexual education.  More spiritually minded sisters point to Solo Worship as the most important.  Many of our Defense Industry sisters consider BDSM to be most crucial.  Some venerate Oral Worship, while other place Group Sex in that most cherished place.  Personally, though, I consider the humble act of mounting your charge, to be the greatest and most meaningful expression of Our Goddess' love, and so, it should always be the highlight of your training.  Connected at the hip, quite literally, bouncing up and down on his stiffness, lacing your fingers in his, and looking down at his pleasured little face, knowing, for a fact, that he's gazing up at the same, beautiful expression of lustful abandon.  You slam yourself down, again and again, and he slides so gracefully within you.  You lean down to kiss him, gripping him tightly, as he squeals and shrieks, filling you with his seed.  All he can see, feel, touch, or taste, is Goddess.  His Goddess.  The Living Goddess, and The Living Gospel. 

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