Friday, August 26, 2016

Night Journey Ritual Retrospective

So you'd think I'd get it by now.  When you've got writers block, and you can't get a narrative done, don't let it sit on your other workspace for days, hoping that it'll all magically start making sense.  Do something else. 


I've been sitting on this prewrite for a while now, months or years, at this point.  I never really knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, but since I've got something to the tune of like, 5 days to finish all this shit up, it's now or never time.  So I decided to just crank this bitch out, and surprise surprise, I ended up getting the whole thing done and dusted, in only a few hours.  It's almost like I'm really interested in theology, or something. 

I really, really, quite genuinely love the way that this came out, and the way that the Night Journey ritual kind of gives each participant their special time in the sun.  Making rituals really is fun, and I think these are pretty fun for you guys to read, as well.  But anyway, I like the way that the girl always has something to do, in the ritual, and while she's kind of playing second fiddle (or backup, maybe?) to the Nun, she's always at least in the scene, and doing something.  I think putting her in the text of the scene really added a lot of depth to the narrative, and to the overall story of this ritual. 
It really is all about her, in the end.  If you notice, there's always this element of her getting kind of built up, where the Nun is fucking all of these boys, but she's just sitting on the sidelines, getting herself off.  She's being denied at first, but the Nun always lets her off the leash, at some point. 

Another thing that I like, is that this ritual actually did end up having 3 separate blocks, which was something that I was trying to do with the other one, the one with the 2 boys, but I ended up not really making that one happen.  I got it down, though, in this one.

One thing that I kinda sorta wanted to do, but didn't end up doing, is to have a little outro page, that shows the five of them walking back, and carrying different packages, that are essentially supposed to be drugs, that they're carting back to the Temple, because the shrines are essentially cover for dope labs.  I wanted to do that, but in the end, I liked the outro that I had, and I didn't want this to end up going on for too long, or getting too off track.  I built a tight little product here, and I didn't want to fuck that up. 


So next up, if I can get over my writer's block, is the finale of Crone Zone.  If I can't get over my writer's block, it'll be something else.  Either way, expect more content. 

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