Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pagan Visit Business Bitches

This is the Business Minded Pagans block of Pagan Visits.  It expands the story, and discusses the LRP Pagans.


Pagans in the Party 
Always keep it low key
But they party hearty 


CHICHIbusinessbitch - The first archetype of Pagan mores, that we will discuss, is the "Strictly Business" group.  These women are largely either active Ladies' Renaissance Party members, or serious supporters, who regularly consume LRP propaganda.  As such, they are largely influenced by the official, state-sponsored, interpretation of "The Sensual Mother", as understood by Ilinca Ionesco, the RoLRP Chairwoman.  This interpretation is quite theologically focused, putting the greatest emphasis on cultural myths and allegorical stories, which serve the direct needs of the state.  Ilinca personally makes an appearance on the state television channel, every night, to tell these stories, and subtitled videotapes of her 'sermons' are often found, in the VCRs of western LRP supporters, whether pagan, or otherwise.  'Business Minded' Pagans are easily the most traditionally conservative of the four groups, dissuading mothers from nudist lifestylism, and even suggesting that mothers limit their breastfeeding, to only before the child's first words.  They don't sleep with their children past five, and their shows of affection are pretty mundane, compared to their contemporaries.  Of all the Pagans, these are the ones we have the least influence over, since these are the ones who tend to have *jobs*.

CHICHIlittlekiss - Business Minded Pagan gatherings can often feel a bit like stepping into the twilight zone.  It's not uncommon to enter one of these little get-togethers, and see a bunch of plain looking office ladies, sitting around, drinking tea, and playing board games, while their annoyingly wholesome children build a pillow fort, in another room.  They'll offer you some low-fat cupcakes, that taste like *not* spirit herb, and invite you to play a round of bridge with them, before they'll release you, to your prize.  While playing, they'll discuss the weather with you, before moving onto more substantive topics, such as the state of "The War", or some internal party dispute, about the pricing of automotive leaf springs in Tulcea, or field effect transistors, in Luanda.  *Finally*, one of their boys will hop into mommy's lap, asking for some "sugar"...  so she pops a sugar cube into his mouth, and ruffles his hair a bit.  They kiss for exactly 8 milliseconds, and then he putters off to play build-the-blocks.  At home, these women aren't much better.  They come back from work to wifey's dinner, help the kids with their often secular homework, and then gather the family together, to read some party-approved literature, before tucking the kids into bed, and heading off to maybe, *just maybe*, *very quietly*, fingerfuck their wife to sleep.  No nightly orgy, no porno party, and definitely no spirit herb.  These are the most boring Anti-Jehovans you will ever have the displeasure of dealing with.

HIGUMAsailorspit - Generally speaking, the Business Minded Pagans *do not* want you having fun with their kids.  In fact, unless you have *express permission* to do something else, it's probably best to just sit and talk with them casually, during these visits.  "Sock Hop at the Soda Shop" probably *is* the best option, for the majority of these boys.  *But*, there are times, *very rare* times, when the situation allows for a more traditional approach.  Normally in these cases, the mother has come to desire a future of "voluntary submission", for her son.  There can be plenty of reasons for this, but the most common one, is that she's pawning him off to one of her superiors in the party, in exchange for some type of career advancement opportunity; Plant Director, Department Head, something like that.  The actual contracting ceremony takes place when he's 16, of course, but his training has to start much earlier.  Now, unlike our submission training, which focuses on BDSM, and more pleasure-based reward models, Pagan and LRP submission is often a very strange beast, making use of hypnotic suggestion and imprinting.  For this reason, your training should focus on getting the boy to quickly associate the taste, scent, and voice of a woman, with intense, visceral, *non-sexual* pleasure.  Get him doped up on spirit herb, and give him the run of your (clothed) tits!  Wrap him up in your arms, and read some choice elements of The Sensual Mother, while he's laid out on Shrooms and MDMA!  For whatever reason, as long as everyone's clothed, *these* types of encounters are considered perfectly fine, by the Pagans.

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