Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Pagan Visit Intro Retrospective

I think this is going to be one of those pamphlets.  The ones where I have a ton of fun writing it, but the story really only appeals to a certain demographic of the readership, and not the larger demographic.  Whatever.  It's my story, I write what I want.


This one's actually kind of a doozy, which is a stupid way of saying, there's a lot of information here, and it's all very dense.  I genuinely enjoy worldbuilding, and I genuinely enjoyed expanding out the story of the Pagans here, especially the idea, which will really be explored in the next few blocks, that the Lilian women are actually pretty seriously exploiting the Pagans.

Think about it this way.  The Lilians have their local systems so locked down, that these women don't even bother going to the police, when the Lilians rape their sons.  They go straight to the Temple, to complain.  Sanctions, not arrest. 
The Pagan women are actually quite powerful, in a way, more powerful than the average lone mother, in that they will be listened to, when a Lilian fucks their kid without their permission.  I meant to add in a little bit about how the cops wouldn't care, and the social workers are all Lilians anyway, but I didn't have the space.  So it's one of those things that you kind of have to figure out on your own, if you're not religiously reading these explanatory blogposts. 

But anyway, the Pagans essentially piggybacked off the earlier Lilian concept of mass welfare abuse, but they took it too far, and while the Lilians (presumably, I don't think I've ever really canonized this) pooled their welfare money together, and used their slaves to make a lot of raw profit, to expand their organization, the Pagans just sat around and played games all day, ignoring the reality that the system would eventually change. 
Welfare, by the way, is actually kind of a theme in my stories, and specifically, the 1996 switch from AFDC to TANF.  It's a topic I genuinely find quite interesting, since it actually did really change things, for religious fringe groups that were centered around lots of unmarried women, having lots of kids.  The polytheistic Mormons are the quintessential example, but there were actually quite a few Lesbian Goddess Worship groups that were gutted due to this change.  Those groups in particular, probably voted for Clinton, too.  I wonder how they felt, about it all. 

Another thing that I like about this intro, is that it finally, definitively, gives a real fucking explanation for how the Lilians are organized, legally.  That's been a topic that I've kind of gone into briefly in other places, but nothing's really been canonized about it, until now.  Hopefully this doesn't contradict, too much, with what's already been written.  I might add a "most" in there, somewhere, just to keep it all canonical. 


It's August, and I don't give a fuck, so expect to see a hell of a lot more Pagan Visit.  I don't think there's anything else on the menu, right now, aside from Crone Zone, I guess, so probably, you'll see some of that, and some of this.  I might be cranking the schedule up a bit, since Augusts in Eastern Europe mean no work for me, and no work means more writing.  Also, I've got kind of a buffer of content now, since I've been having so much fun writing Pagan Visits, so I can actually release, while still going out and doing day-trips, and shit.

So probably expect more content, is what I'm saying.  

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