Monday, August 8, 2016

Pagan Visit New Age Crunchies

This is New Age Pagan block of Pagan Visits.  It discusses the life and times of the New Age Pagans. 


She'll open up your chakra
And act just like a rocka
Just make sure that you cock her


CHICHIvioletdancer - The second group that we will discuss, is a personal favorite of mine, the "New Agers".  These women are actually a lot of fun, and while most of them aren't particularly interested in *adopting* our type of lifestyle, they're more than happy to sit and chat about it, in a friendly way.  In fact, "friendly" is probably the best way to describe these sisters.  They're friendly towards pretty much everyone, from Jehovans, to Secularists, LRP ideologues, and ourselves, obviously.  New Agers tend to ride the wave of what is immediately convenient, so when Jehovans are paying the bills, you'll find them discussing "Christ as Yogi in the age of Pisces".  When we're the dominant force, they're all about "Tantric Awakening in the Indigo Generation".  So they aren't particularly loyal to anyone or anything, aside from themselves, and their complex mishmash of eastern philosophies.  But damn, if they aren't *fun*.  These women often have an eye for the aesthetic, and some of our most enjoyable and arousing fashion trends have originated with them.  For example, we all used to swim nude, at our private pools and beaches.  That whole 'areolas and pubic hair visible by design' trend of swimwear, started with the New Agers.  Our first pubic stylists were New Agers, and they're *still* the best at it.  Our modern design of Temple Robes is almost a carbon copy of theirs.  You shouldn't come to the New Agers expecting full conversion, but if you meet them on their level, speak their language, and respect their ideas, you'll find that you can have a lot of fun, in this community. 

CHICHIbloomersnuggle - New Age gatherings are often distinguished, by how sexually tense they seem, at first glance.  The boys tend to be nude, and the women are almost always scantily clad, or wearing some type of lingerie.  Everyone appears to be sexually aroused, to some degree.  It can be quite strange, to walk into one of these gatherings, see all these horny boys and women, and *not* see them fucking.  Well, there's a bit of a secret, to all of this.  New Age Pagans have this *idea*, very distinctive to their group, that erection, lubrication, orgasm, and ejaculation can all exist, completely divorced from the context of eroticism.  It would (and does) take around 250 pages or so to explain this concept fully, but the basic idea, is that the orgasm is a release of built-up spiritual energy (familiar concept), and this release is essentially the same as any other expulsion of waste material (unfamiliar concept).  This "expulsion" should be done in private, like any other.  In practice, this ends up leading to some very odd situations, where you'll be chatting on a sofa, across from a couple of New Age Pagan women for a half hour, watching one of them idly stroke up and down a nude young boy's slender form with her toes, as he stares up her sheer nightgown, and fondles the other woman's barely covered tits.  And none of this is considered sexual, in any way.  Eventually, after around 3 or 4 rounds of the boy gaining and losing his erection, one of the women will lead him off into a back room, for a few minutes.  The two of them will, of course, come out looking quite refreshed.  Again, *none of this is considered to be sexual*.

HIGUMAtantricmassage - You'd think, given all that we now know about the New Agers, that they'd be 100% down with you giving it to their kids.  They are not.  These women are surprisingly well versed in our theology, and they *know* what we're after, when we zip off into a back room with their sons.  The last thing you want, is for your High Priestess to lay back for her morning trim, and hear about how you got caught "massaging" a Pagan boy's "lingam" with your "yoni", the night before.  Especially when she can, with just a tiny bit of extra effort on your part, hear about how you bravely and helpfully "flushed his chakras of negative energy", while having her new Temple Robe fitted.  The New Agers, especially the ones who tend to work in close relation to Temple members, are nowhere near prudish, when it comes to having fun times with their boys.  They just want to see a theological, *non-sexual* justification, for their erotic activities.  So, as an example, if you wanted to give one of the New Age Pagan boys a nice, wet, lapdance, you certainly could, but you'd have to frame those stroking little chest caresses, as "establishing downward pathways for his qi", and you'd have to pretend that grinding your labia all over his boyhood, is how you "awaken the kundalini of his sacral chakra".  The more you associate with these women, the easier it gets to make this shit up. 

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