Monday, August 8, 2016

Pagan Visit New Age Crunchies Retrospective

This one was actually a lot more fun to write, and I imagine it'll be more fun to read, as well.  I only wish I'd had more fitting artwork for the second page.


I was actually originally planning on making the New Agers more conservative, sexually, than they are here.  I was planning on having these groups be presented in order of their willingness to fuck kids, with the business minded pagans being first, the new agers being second, choppermoms being third, and eromoms being last.  That's still the basic order, but I'm thinking that they'll largely be ordered by how dependent on the Lilians they are, and how close to the LRP they are.  The business minded pagans don't need the Lilians at all, and they're often members of the LRP.  The new agers aren't particularly dependent on the Lilians, but they like the Lilians, so they'll often work closely with them.  There's a lot of mutual respect between the Lilians, and these two groups. 
 The choppermoms and eromoms are where the respect from the Lilian side starts to drop off, and the dependence, from the Pagan side, starts to increase.  These are the women who were dependent on welfare, and are now dependent on the manual labor contracts that the Temple doles out.  Their boys aren't exactly fair game, but the mothers themselves are far more susceptible to Lilian pressure.  So the Lilian priestesses have much more leeway in how they train the boys.  So more sex.

I kind of wanted to make the New Agers a bit of a "Lilians Light" type of group, in that they're kind of into their kids, but they're not really willing to be as open about it, as the Lilians are.  They always need that justification, but they're more than willing to suspend their disbelief, in order to get it.  These would probably be the type of people who would buy Maksim and Oksana's ritual tapes.  These would probably also be the only Pagans who would have both an interest in the tapes, and the financial means to purchase them. 
One of the interesting things that I tried to do with the New Agers, was to have them be quite beloved, within the Lilian circle, since they tend to perform so many useful tasks, for the Lilians.  They make their clothes, they trim, shampoo, and condition their body hair, perhaps they cook for them, as well.  I see them taking a similar role to the Jews, in (normal) USA society.  Generally well liked, and trusted in very specific (and stereotypical) technical matters, such as law, or finance.  Instead of law and finance, though, the New Agers would take up jewelry making, tailoring, and the fine and fanciful art of pubic styling. 

Another thing that I wanted to get across with the New Agers, was the mild cynicism, that some of them have, towards their own theological views.  They're willing to work with anyone, and they're willing to change their outward theological appearance, depending on what is most convenient.  They have no problem with allowing the Lilians access to their children, as long as the I's are dotted, and the T's are crossed.  So there would be a real question, as to what it is these women really believe, especially since I made 0 reference or mention of The Sensual Mother, in this little block.  They might believe everything that the Lilians believe, they're just more quiet about it.  I really like the New Agers, and I think they're probably one of the more interesting groups I've written about, for this project.


 So next up is probably another installment of Pagan Visits, and it'll be the choppermoms next, after a little interstitial about how the Business Bitches and New Age Crunchies are different, from these new sluts.  At some point, I'll continue Sugarload's story, too. 

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