Sunday, August 14, 2016

Pagan Visits AgaMoms

This is the AgaMoms block of the Pagan Visits Pamphlet.  It covers the story of the AgaMoms. 


They're mostly normal
But the Sistaz don't like it
They'll go for the kids


CHICHIapronmama - The first of the "problem" Pagans that we will discuss, are the "AgaMoms".  These women are generally distrustful of anyone who isn't in their personal circle, so for a long time, we had extremely limited contact with them.  In fact, it wasn't until we started seeing their children on the streets begging, or showing up in the CPS rosters, that we even realized how *many* of these women there actually are.  Apparently, The Sensual Mother was a pretty popular book, and the more literalistic AgaMom interpretation of it, was popular, as well.  AgaMoms trend towards more traditionally maternalistic expressions of love, with the slight caveat, that they aren't always concerned with wearing *clothes*, while they express their adoration.  This is in direct contradiction to the LRP and even New Age Pagans, who both consider nudity to be somewhat inherently erotic.  The AgaMoms aren't nudists, exactly, but they aren't averse to spending the hot summer months naked and glistening, with their horny little babies, and like most secular nudists, they vehemently deny the erotic nature of their "lifestyle choice".  AgaMoms also break with the secular nudists and other pagans, in the exact length that they'll go, with their affection.  It's not uncommon to see open mouth kisses, thigh stroking, bed sharing, and nursing, all the way up to puberty.

CHICHInudekiss - AgaMom gatherings are a little difficult to discuss, because AgaMom circles generally only formed around their shared desire to get larger welfare payouts.  These women would meet up for a few hours, to scheme and plot, fill out paperwork, or work out a plan to make a large, shared, purchase.  Overall, the Agamoms were, and are, pretty individualistic.  Even on our ranches and farms, they'll mostly stick to their own quarters.  In public, these women largely behave just like the LRP Pagans, and when they *do* have large gatherings, they're quite dull.  Where things really get interesting, is in the (supposed) privacy of their  bedroom and bath.  Here, the AgaMoms tend to show their true colors, with loving, close, massages, long makeout sessions, soapy rubdowns, and even some dry-humping and tongue baths, although those tend to be *very* limited, in their scope.  The one thing that AgaMoms flat out refuse to do with their babies, though, is come.  We've watched one of these women lay her little one on his back, cover him in mineral oil, and then straddle his waist, sliding up and down his smooth body, drenching him in juices, and stopping only to let him fondle or suckle at her breasts.  Then, instead of finishing the scene in the most obvious way, she kissed him on the cheek, packed it up, rinsed off, and went on about her day, like nothing happened.

HIGUMAnuzzleboob - Most of the AgaMoms that you'll be interacting with, are the ones on our farms, and on our ranches.  This means that you'll have a pretty good idea of what they're doing with their kids.  We make sure that nothing counter-revolutionary is happening within our walls, and that the Pagan children are being treated humanely, according to our standards.  The little "tease and denial" sessions that the AgaMoms are so fond of, aren't necessarily abusive, but they *are* a little on the inhumane side, since the children aren't getting the release that they need.  So your job with these boys, is twofold.  First, make them come.  This seems easy and self-explanitory, but it actually isn't.  The Pagan mothers are generally dependent on us for their well-being, but they're not our slaves.  If you teach these boys too much, too quick, their mothers might just *leave*.  So the key here, is to tie your first job, into your second, which is to draw out the mother's latent eroticism, through her child.  So before you meet with the boy, watch the videos from his quarters, and take note of what he's doing with his mother.  If they're often snuggling on the sofa, teach him how to get one of his thighs, in between hers.  If she's the nursing type, show him how to nibble and lick, to *really* get mommy's juices flowing!  If everything is done right, the boy will actually be seducing his mother into the final Pagan group that we will discuss.

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