Monday, August 22, 2016

Pagan Visits Conversion Party 1

This is the Conversion Party block for the Pagan Visits pamphlet.  It essentially closes out the Pagan Visits story, with a nice little erotic narrative, and explains how the Pagans make the transition into the Lilian faith. 


Overdid it on alliteration
Hope it don't mess up your masturbation
Pagans keeping it on this location
Circe's bout to make them all a nation


00introgalz - You've probably noticed by now, that the general goal of our "Pagan Ranching" project is threefold.  First, it provides us with reserve labor, cheap animal-based products, and props up the Pagan Maternalist groups, so that we can continue to hide our organizaton behind theirs.  Second, it keeps our spiritual cousins close at hand, in case of emergencies.  But third, and most importantly, it provides us with a very convenient pool of attractive and receptive women and boys, for conversion.  Case in point, Ares, the adorably nervous boy pictured here, and Lyra, the woman consoling him, are both Pagans, of the "Ero" variety.  Ares had gone through the normal conversion process, from learning to conduct Solo Worship, to worshiping at the honeypots of a number of Priestesses.  Lyra, on the other hand, had largely self-converted, through long nights alone in her quarters, fervently polishing her pearl, to the cuties on Temple TV.  When we invited her to a conversion ceremony, she jumped at the opportunity!

01fapperfrump - We decided to let Lyra, as our guest of honor, take the first crack at little Ares.  He was pretty comfortable with her, since she'd been a fellow Pagan.  He'd spent *plenty* of time nuzzled into her bare breasts, watching cartoons at home, while his mother was out pushing people around, at the Social Security Office.  Lyra, was a childless lesbian at the time, but after moving into the Pagan Ranch complex, she'd *more* than developed a taste for boycock.  At least in *theory*.  Lyra was still a little nervous about flying her true colors, so to start her off, we just gave her a thick onahole, and let her get her bearings, on Ares' tender young shaft.  Spurred on by our friendly encouragements, and by Ares' lusty, lascivious moans and groans, Lyra was bringing him off in no time, his lithe hips jumping up into the slick, rubber channel, as he squeezed our Priestesses tight, and shot his load all the way through the tip of the toy, coating Lyra's plump tits, with hot spunk.

02dildobang - Even though Ares had been nice and converted for a little while, his mother was not.  She was still doing the AgaMom thing, and part of what we wanted to do, with Ares, was to get him better at sex, so that he could convert his mother.  The first steps, would be to show him around a pussy, and what pussy could be better, than the one he'd soon be pounding around inside of?  After a short snuggle session between the two of them, holding and stroking one another, as they watched a couple of lesbian lilian lovers go at it, Lyra set her new lover down, and bent over for him, almost *begging* for him to return the favor, and give her what she needed.  Well, with the tutelage of his tribbing teachers serving as his guide, he picked up the vibe, and got down to business!  Soon, Lyra's lusty language started to get louder, and huskier.  She needed it, and Ares' stiff, dripping, boyhood, showed that *he* would have no objections!

03doggyreal - We were all wondering which kind of boy Ares would be.  Would he be the confident type, sliding it in, when he got horny enough, or would he be the shy, reserved sort, waiting for permission, from his comely coach?  As it turns out, he was the third type, my *personal* favorite!  He got closer and closer, driving the plastic rod in and out, as he lavishly licked Lyra's tight ass, making her squeal, in surprised pleasure.  I could tell, though, that our newest Lilian lover was starting to feel that itch, so I sauntered over, pulled little Ares back up, and guided his slick, shuddering shaft, to Lyra's soaking snatch.  He actually managed to last a decent amount of time, which was surprising, considering that there was no dearth, of delightful distractions, for him to gaze upon.  I couldn't help myself from jumping on one of my girlfriend's luscious lips, and riding her to a much needed orgasm, while watching the two lecherous lovebirds enjoy their new experience together. 

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