Monday, August 22, 2016

Pagan Visits Conversion Party 1 Retrospective

Never say I don't deliver on those requests, people.  This is actually turning out to be a fun little outro for the Pagan Visits pamphlet, and it's probably better than what I'd originally had planned. 


I really did overdo the alliteration, on this.  I don't know why, but sometimes that just happens with my narratives.  I think it's mostly just a thing that I do when I'm tired, but I'm not sure.  I should probably stop waiting until the middle of the night to actually do these. 

There's not really that much story to these, they're pretty straightforward.  There isn't much to say about them, either.  The names came from constellations.  The Lilians have a flower theme, and I was going to make the Pagans have a tree theme, but I figured that would be too similar, so I gave them a star theme, instead.  But then I looked it up, and most of the stars are just named after some Arab guy's wives or whatever, so I went with the constellations, instead.  I won't be running out of good names, like I did for the Lilians. 

Ready for some boring shit?  These were incredibly easy to format and write for, since they're all the same size, and they shrink down well.  It's pretty much 1000 characters for each page, which is just enough to do something interesting, but not so much that people start to get bored.  Since there's a hell of a lot of these pictures, I could afford to do an 8 pager with this.  So it's a long outro, but it's not that long.  8000 characters is kind of par for the course, when you're talking about a solid narrative piece.  So good request, to whoever requested this.  I hope it's to your liking.  


Next up is probably just the other half of this, and then that's the outro for Pagan Visits.  Most likely, I'll then either finish up Crone Zone, or try to crank out another theological piece, probably Night Journey Ritual, as quickly as I can.  We'll see which one I do.  I've only got 8 or 9 days left, to do anything on this project, though, and I do have other shit to do in those 8 or 9 days.

But I am happy at how this is coming together at the end.  It's not quite what I'd imagined for the final omnibus, I'd wanted to have a more fleshed out meta-narrative, but whatever.  If there's one thing I've learned, and said, over and over again, during these past years working on this project, it's that we don't always get what we want.  In fact, we almost never get exactly what we want.  But that's okay.  The important thing is that we take what we have, and make it work. 

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