Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pagan Visits Conversion Party 2

This is the second and final half of the Conversion Party block, in the Pagan Visits pamphlet.  It finishes the story between Lyra and Ares, and also serves as the outro to Pagan Visits.


When she sees the convert 
She just has to insert 
Doesn't spend time to flirt 
Or take off her short skirt


04cowgirldual - As Lyra and Ares relaxed together, sharing in their post-coital bliss, more of our sisters, and their beloved boys, started to file in.  It was time for our newest Lilians to get the "Mother's Welcome", and to learn first and foremost, and *firsthand*, exactly what Our Goddess means, when she speaks about the anathema of monogamy.  Lyra, at first, was a little protective of her prize, squeezing him tight, when I strolled up to the two of them, and ran my finger through the little puddle of precum, that had pooled on his smooth tummy.  He shivered at my tender touch, and quietly gasped, as I brought the finger to my lips, tasting his liquid love.  Lyra frowned slightly, as she realized what I was up to, but then sighed, at the surprising pleasure, of a set of little fingers, playing over her thick thighs, and ass.  Slowly, *gently*, I took Ares' hands, and brought him to his feet, my adept acolyte doing the same, for Lyra.  We led them both over to our ritual beds, and the two of us had our fill of *new* boycock, right next to one another!

05embracingboyz - Once Lyra was off and running, she was *all about it*, and while Ares busied himself with fucking his way through each of the pretty priestesses, Lyra quickly learned to love all the "minor" male attention that *she* was getting!  The boys, unsurprisingly, gravitated to her big tits first, teasing, squeezing, and pleasing.  Putting their training to good use, on her tender nipples, and nubile titflesh.  Lyra, for her part, was no slouch, putting those big, soft, lips to work, kissing each of the boys, and whispering the most dazzling of dirty talk, into their waiting ears.  She got both of those skilled hands in on the action, stroking two boys at once, while the others caressed all over her voluptuous form, those pumped-up pricks, sliding all over her soft skin, and coating her in their sticky, silvery, sap.  When one of the boys' tantalizing tools nestled its way between her cheeks, and started probing at her tight, hot, rear entrance, I could see the switch flip, as she *totally* embraced Our Goddess, and lost herself in the pleasure.

06embracingboyz2 -  With a hearty moan, and a few pleased encouragements, Lyra was down on her hands and knees, enveloping the lucky lad who was stroking her tits, with her luscious form.  It didn't take long at all, for his shaft to find its way inside her, taking its place, in her dripping cunt, just inches away from the pistoning, pulsating, prick, that was already sliding in and out of her compact crevice.  By that point, I was just enjoying the show, with little Ares on my lap.  I was slowly, methodically, stroking his stiffness, as he watched Lyra's lewd lips open and close, as she writhed and moaned, between her two lovers.  The two of us locked eyes for a second, but *only* as second, as her gaze dropped lower, and she licked those luscious lips, one more time.  I took a break, from nibbling Ares' earlobe, to whisper my salacious suggestion, and his cock almost jumped in my hands, growing bigger and thicker, in response.  I led him over to Lyra, and gave her the pleasure that she craved, as her tender tongue, tasted Ares' succulent shaft!

07fullylilified - One of the nice things about recruiting out of the Ranch, is that the women we get, tend to be a lot more interested in the deeper elements of our faith, *in addition to* all the hot sex, with even hotter boys.  Lyra's favorite channel on Temple TV had actually been the theological one.  She'd logged twice as many hours there, than on her second favorite, the ever-popular (for Pagans) SuperSoft/UltraSoft station.  It didn't hurt that our theological channel is quite ritual heavy, but hey, the lessons took, and Lyra moved quite swiftly, through the Nun training program.  I was quite happy to officiate the ritual welcoming her into the sisterhood, and the lovemaking we shared that night, was positively *enchanting*.  As a former Pagan herself, she's been an excellent addition to our team, able to convert even single ladies and lesbians, who we'd been having a tough time with, previously.  Sometimes, when dealing with the Pagans, things can seem a little frustrating, but trust me, when everything comes together, it really is, as they would say, *majickal*.

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