Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Pagan Visits Conversion Party 2 Retrospective

So these didn't take long to write but they did take some time to release, and I think you guys might be seeing things like that, in the coming days.  I really do have a lot going on, right now.


I kept the same alliterative style, since it would have been really weird, if I'd switched it up halfway through.  I think it actually works well, to characterize the narrator, somewhat.  Fun to write, as well.

The story here goes about like you'd expect it to, honestly.  There isn't much to say here, that didn't get said in the last post.  One of the things that I liked, though, was how I was kind of able to get Ares back in on the action, and then kind of fast forward to the woman being a Nun, so I could include her in the outro. 

One of the things that I didn't end up doing, that I might go back and do, is add a name to one of the pages, either the opener, or the closer, because I feel like the narrator for this one was really quite opinionated, and had a nice, fun character to her.  So I might give that character a name.  Maybe, maybe not.


So next up is definitely going to be more Crone Zone, I'm not going to put that off any longer.  I think it might be the outro for that one, too.  Beyond that, I'm thinking I will actually do the Night Journey Ritual guide, if for no other reason, than to add a bit of background to BroSis RockyTop.  Also, to get more rituals into the Omnibus, because they're one thing that I never really ended up doing.  After that, it's really just the Bounty of Lilith Best Of intro/outro, which will be tied in with the meta-narrative.  I'll probably tackle that last, though, since I still need to make my final decisions on when and how I want that meta-narrative to end, exactly.  I might do some kind of narrative/guide for tutors, off of this (not so) little set, but that's the sort of thing that could easily take a very long time, and a lot of actual work, so we'll see. 

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