Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pagan Visits EroMoms Retrospective

These went relatively quick.  I even had a bit of fun writing them.


I wanted to portray the Eromoms as being very similar to the Lilians, in their behavior, but I also wanted the Lilians to absolutely despise them.  Kind of like those people who see somebody who does all the things that they do all the time, but that person cranks those things up to 11, and ends up looking like a total crazy person, and they end up developing this really passionate hatred of the person.  Or basically, Chris-Chan and /cow/.  Anyway, That didn't really come across the way I wanted it to, but that was the original idea.

What I ended up doing, instead, was have the Lilians be pretty damn cuntish, with the EroMoms, who are basically just being protective of their kids, which is understandable, but the Lilians don't like it.  They think that putting these women up entitles them to those 2 inches of pagan fury.    And also to spy on them incessantly.  So the Lilians look pretty bad here, but hey, they're the villains.

I feel like I got a decent enough amount of sexual narrative into this one, without going too far overboard.  Or at least, sexual discussion.  I like it.  I think this came out reasonably well.  Hopefully I was able to make the EroMoms and the AgaMoms different enough to be interesting. 


So next up, probably tomorrow, I'll be getting around to the next little installment of Crone Zone, and after that, I'll be doing the little narrative, for Pagan Visits, where they talk about converting the woman.  That'll be the request that I got on 7chan.  At some point, if I get the time, I'll be doing another little theological ritual thing, that'll go through MMF threeways.  It'll be somewhat akin to the chapter 58 pamphlet, but a lot shorter.

Oh by the way, if you guys have requests, now is the time.  There probably won't be another time. 

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