Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pagan Visits EroMoms

And so we continue the barrage of content, with the EroMoms block of Pagan Visits.  This covers the EroMoms, and closes out the 'who's who of Pagans' element of this little pamphlet. 


These ones make her plenty mad
Is it cause they fuck with dads?
Nah, it's cause they guard their lads


CHICHIeromom - Finally, we get to our fourth and final group, the EroMoms.  These women, for a long time, were a thorn in the side of our Temples, because they would often befriend our sisters, draw them into romantic relationships, *pretend to be Lilians*, and then lose their minds, when the sisters decided to *practice* the Lilian faith.  Over time, our leadership became quite wary of these women, and there was a push, in the Temple Congress, to exclude them from the labor deals, and let the CPS system run its course on their community.  This didn't happen, for a number of reasons, and now these women are largely concentrated on our properties.  The EroMoms can most easily be described as more libertine version of the AgaMoms.  They're full-time nudists, or at least, as full-time as you can be, on a working farm.  They have a voracious, bisexual appetite, that is often focused on our post-pubescent slaves, and their mistresses.  They seem to genuinely enjoy our pornography, although most of them deny watching it.  Their interpretation of The Sensual Mother largely revolves around creating a clear delineation between the mother's erotic life, and her maternal life.  That is, with one very blatant exception.

CHICHIhando - Because the EroMoms tend to separate their eroticism from their maternalism, EroMom gatherings largely end up being post-pubescent orgies, for the most part.  They're fun, certainly, and you'll probably have a great time if you attend one, but know that it's going to be 16 and up.  Like the AgaMoms, the EroMoms largely keep their filial fun at home, and behind closed doors.  *Unlike* the AgaMoms, however, the EroMoms interpret The Sensual Mother's requirement to "guide your son's education", to encompass his erotic education, as well.  They don't go as far as we do, exactly, there's no real insertion, but they walk right up to that line, and dance all over it.  It isn't uncommon to see these women watching pornography with their sons, or handing off a pair of their warm panties before bedtime, for his personal use.  In rare cases, they'll even crack open the toybox, and give their little ones the run of their body, with the only rule, being that he can't stick his cock in.  Recently a new "education ritual" has come into vogue among these women.  They'll wrap their soft, warm hands around their baby's boyhood, and let him thrust and pump, to his heart's content.  Somehow, letting him fuck their lubed-up fist isn't considered to be "over the line" for them.  Not that we're complaining.

HIGUMAlick - As convenient as the EroMom's fascination with "incest that we don't call incest" can be, from a conversion standpoint, it does present us with a very real issue.  How do we actually build upon that, with their sons?  The EroMoms, for the most part, are a little territorial about their kids, and while you might get away with fucking some of them, you'll eventually run into an EroMom who can't handle it.  There's also the issue of these women being, again, *territorial*.  We've watched one of these bitches suck her baby off in the shower, *not* a kiss, *not* some kind of foreskin peeling exercise, no, this was head bobbing, sack cradling, sucked-in cheeks, flicking of the tongue, this was a *blowjob*.  Our Priestess tried the same thing on her kid during their training time, and she flipped shit and organized a strike.  The EroMoms *still* love to play games like this.  So what can you do?  Well, there's one thing that *nobody* can deny, is an integral element of our shared faiths.  The Spirit Eye, and the Sacred Womb.  In particular, their unique connection.  This is something that the Pagans, no matter their sect, have never stepped away from, and it's something that we can use, to our benefit.  Just like with the AgaMom boys, this is largely a stepping stone to a more complete conversion, but it can also be used to provide the boy with some good skills, for later.  It never takes long, for one of these boys to go from reciting, at your "Blessed Entrance", to conducting Solo Worship, while he breathes in your musk, and from there, it's just a little stretch of the tongue, and he's all yours. 

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