Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pagan Visits Interstitial Solo Training

This is the Interstitial/Solo-Training block of the Pagan Visits pamphlet.  It provides a delineation between the off-site Pagans, which the Lilians do not have easy access to, and the on-site Pagans, which the Lilians are essentially using as cheap labor, and an easy pool of fresh female recruits, and virgin boys, for rituals.


Zero Respect
Time to deflect
Watching the stroke
But never a poke


KLOAHbabysnatch - So far, our discussion of these Pagan groups has come from a perspective of relative accommodation, and compromise.  There is a mutual feeling of professional respect between ourselves and the LRP aligned Pagans, and there is a very warm friendship, between ourselves and the New Agers.  A reasonable level of intermarriage does go on between our groups.  Often, a Priestess will take a young Pagan man as her second slave, with or without his conversion.  Sometimes, a young Lilian man will choose a more egalitarian marriage, with a New Ager, or an LRP member.  There's really nothing wrong with this, in the grand scheme of things, as this type of diversity does help to keep our respective groups from stagnating, culturally.  But the next couple of groups that we will be discussing, have nowhere near the same level of respectability.  While the New Agers and Business Minded Pagans were using intense study to expand their theologies, and political philosophies, these women were cherrypicking from The Sensual Mother, to suit their immediate desires.  While the New Agers and Business Minded Pagans were carving out their professional niches within the Lilian and Global economies, these women were crafting new ways to scam the public welfare system.  For a long time, these women would have no contact with us at all, until they needed extra funds, at which time, they would invite a young Priestess to train their son, and then immediately barge into our Temple Congress, and bitch about how the Priestess had "sullied" their innocent little angel.  Finally bringing these cunts to heel, has been an incredibly satisfying experience for us, and while you shouldn't go overboard with their children, understand that these women do not have the same sort of "pull" with our leadership, that other Pagan groups do. 

PUKARAsolo1 - The next couple of groups that we will be discussing, both live and work on our farms and ranches.  As such, we have a great deal of access to their children, and as such, we have a great deal of power, when it comes to negotiating exactly *how* we interact with those cuties.  It's probably not a good idea to push this too far, but every Pagan woman knows, that our revolution is one that begins internally, with love towards Goddess, and with Solo-Worship.  One of the few elements of "light theological observation and training" that we've been *very* adamant about sharing with their boys, was Solo-Worship, and Tribute.  More Solo-Worship means a stronger revolution, in a cosmic sense, but it also means more potential for eroticizing the maternal/filial relationships, of the Pagan women.  They're already sensual mothers, why not make them *sexual* mothers, as well? 

PUKARAsolo2 - When teaching Pagan boys how to Worship, it is very important that you be *respectful* to the desires of the Pagan mothers, to keep their sons relatively chaste.  That means, you don't get naked for him, you don't show him any porn, and you *don't* touch his cock.  Yes, we are aware of how you were trained.  The herbal wine, the exotic striptease, the recitation.  Taking his hands in yours, and guiding his motions and movements.  Gyrating above him, as your juices drip down, to lube him up.  Kissing him deeply, as he explodes all over your thighs, and up your tummy, or leaning down, to finish him off with your tongue, so he can give his first Lilian Tribute.  Yes, it's fun, and yes, it *does* work well.  We did it for the first few weeks, and got nothing but strikes, walkouts, and dropouts, for our trouble.  So wear a relatively conservative set of lingerie, approach the subject from a more clinical and theological direction, and please, *please*, *do not touch his penis*.

PUKARAsolo3 - One element of this "light theological training" that you *can*, and *should* include, is the tributary aspect.  Most of our boys can attest to how fun, and pleasing, and *very* erotic it is, to watch their lover accept their seed, onto her body.  Whether it's on your face, or your tits, or thighs, or ass, or *feet*, this little act can turn a relatively mundane experience, that could easily be had on one's own, into an extremely sexy and enjoyable experience.  This type of fun is actually quite exploratory for both of you, and it'll keep this little Pagan boy *coming* back, again and again.  It can also help you to discover what types of fetishes he's picked up, so that when it comes time for the ranch tutors to start slipping comics, pamphlets, and photobooks into his backpack, they'll know *exactly* what sort of girls (or boys) he's interested in!  After you've made sure that he can keep secrets, you can take things a bit further during your sessions, letting him rub himself off on your soft panties or bra, or shoot his load down into them, for a fun little change of pace.  Over time, these little escalations can lead to the two of you becoming closer, and that's when the *real* training starts!

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