Saturday, August 13, 2016

Pagan Visits Interstitial Solo Training Retrospective

These were actually pretty difficult to get out, not so much because there's anything particularly complex going on with the storyline, but because these were actually written after I'd written the next bit that I'll release, about the Chopper-Moms, which I actually renamed, to give them a more of a theme, with the Ero-Moms.  You'll see what I mean tomorrow, when I release that one.


These are largely just a little bit of fluff, to set up the general storyline element of the Pagans being on the Lilian farmland and ranchland, and being exploited somewhat by them.  It establishes the idea that the Pagans aren't really slaves, in that they can strike, and they can bounce, but at the same time, they're being slowly converted, largely through their children, to Lilism.  It's yet another example of me trying to make the Lilians slightly more villainous. 

I like that in the first page, I was able to kind of humanize the Lilians a bit more, since they're referring to the Pagans as being cunts, and talking about how much they're enjoying stealing their kids away.  Even the picture is a little villainous.  She's like a sexy grinch or something. 
Anyway, it's fun to think about how the Lilians would perceive the different Pagan groups, and interact with them.  You can see how they really like the New Agers, and respect the LRP Pagans as rivals, but when it comes to the others, there's a real disdain, largely stemming from the history that they've had with these women. 
I imagine it would be enraging, to watch a huge chunk of your own income disappear, because some other group was playing games with the system.  Especially when that group is so close to yours, ideologically/theologically.  There's kind of the Leninist/Trotskyist/Maoist/Anarchist thing going on, where all these groups are quite close to each other, but they absolutely despise one another, because of little historical issues, and relatively minor details in the theoretical framework of the ideology.  Nyar had something akin to this in his stories, except that most of the different groups actually got along quite well together. 

The actual meat and potatoes of this release is the Solo Worship training guide thingie, but it's actually not that much actual content.  It's only around 3500 or so characters, spread out over 3 pages, and you can see that it's a little lightweight, on the page.  I kind of like it, though, since this is just supposed to be a little interstitial element, to make it clear that there is a very big difference between the earlier Pagans, and these Pagans. 
This is largely stuff that's already been said in other places around the Lilian Omnibus, I mean, I'm pushing 800 pages at this point, and I've damn near said it all.  But there were some relatively fun little narrative type fantasies here, that I hope I was able to get across well enough.  Just a bit of reprieve, from the 'encyclopedia' style of the rest of this block.


So tomorrow, I'll be releasing the next part of this, the "AgaMoms" block, and then on Monday, it'll be the "EroMoms".  Then I'll do some more Crone Zone, and after that, I'll have to work out what else I want to do for Pagan Visits.  I've largely covered everything that I'd planned to cover with this pamphlet, so it's probably time to start wrapping shit up.  I do still have a bit of ground to cover, if I want to close this project out by the end of August, and submit the Omnibus to ExHentai.  

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