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The rest of the magazine intros

These are the rest of the magazine intros.  They essentially provide an intro and synopsis of each magazine, as well as providing some backstory for the meta-narrative of the DOL Omnibus.


Tiring and crappy, but it's mine
Can't be fucked to make a rhyme
Forgot how tough these are to write
So now I'm working late at night


intro - A new year, and new adventures!  The response to last month's issue was amazing!  So many of our sisters really had *no clue* how all-encompassing the Acolyte Program actually is.  I could swear we've covered it before...  At any rate, one question that we got, again and again, was about the outcalls.  We certainly have a menu, but do we deliver?  Well, if you've been to any decent parties lately, you'll know that the answer is... "definitely!", but what a lot of sisters *don't* know, is that we do personal outcalls as well, not just parties.  Yes, you *can* order a little lover straight to your doorstep, and if you're interested in something more specific, that too, can be arranged.  Most of the boys in our photobooks and magazines are Acolytes, and as such, they're only a phone call away!  But the Acolytes aren't *just* a lot of fun.  A lot of sisters forget that Acolytes are actually clergy, and that they're as well versed in the Gospel, as any Nun.  Just like we have certain rituals that require a Nun, or a Priestess, we have rituals that require an Acolyte.  Their personal connection to Lilith is even greater than that of the laity, and trust me, *it shows*!  This month, we've got three specials, all connected to the topic of Acolyte Outcalls.  First things first, the first outcall!  How should you act?  What should you *wear*?  What should the two of you do together?  If you're a newer sister, raised on nothing but The Gospel, and a healthy dosage of Bounty, this one is a *must* read!  Next up, we've got a rather fun little story, straight from one of our "Captains of Industry".  She's eschewed the dating scene, choosing instead, to provide patronage to a lovely young Acolyte named Laurus.  Every morning, the two of them praise and play, venerating our Goddess with their bodies, before honoring her with their actions, as they go about their daily struggle.  The final special for this issue, is another little guide, but this time, it covers group outcalls.  No, not you and the girls, putting a little one through his paces.  This time, it's 3 *boys*, giving you the night of a lifetime!  Sounds like 3 tons of fun, but did you know that it's also a show of faith?  In this article, we'll show you what *Lilith* has to say about these passionate pleasure plays!

intro - It's April, sisters, and this month, the *shower* is between our thighs!  From the misty morning, to the stormy sunset, these dusky days only ever seem good for getting our babies in the bath, when they come home from playing in the mud.  So what is there to do, when you're listening to that pitter-patter on your windows?  Why not learn some new skills, and get closer to both your baby, *and* Your Goddess?  This muggy month is the perfect time to *bone* up on the latest and greatest research, on the spiritual nature of our beloved boys.  We all know the special connection that Our Goddess has, for her little lovers, but did you know that *you* can be a part of that connection, as well?  Yes, dear sister, within your sacred womb, lies the seat of The Mother, and you *don't* have to be a Nun or a Priestess, to enjoy her blessings!  In this issue, we'll be laying out some very simple techniques that *any* Lilian can use, to take her regular loving, to a higher level.  Since this is such an important topic, we actually have *four* specials for you, this time.  Our first article discusses the beautiful relationship that our Nuns have with their lovely young charges, and explains how this type of love and trust can be fostered at home.  Anyone who's looking for a deeper, more *spiritual* relationship with their brother, son, or boyfriend, should look into it.  Our second special is a *bit* of a departure, but not really.  We talk to one of our most esteemed scientists and theologians, Medea Circe, about her adventures in the Basra Temple, and her plans moving forward.  It's a great interview, so make sure you check it out!  Our third special comes from Circe's backyard, the Ladies' Republic of Iraq.  The sisters there have noticed that their local flavor of Jehovism seems to convert quite a bit better, than the one here in the US.  Our researchers were mystified, but they *think* they've got an answer, and you won't believe what it is!  Finally, we've got one for the boys.  Solo Worship is something that every Lilian boy knows and loves, and *we* love to watch!  But over time, these solo sessions can get a bit stale, and routine.  Our fourth piece teaches our sexy little strokers how to bring that special spice, back into this most important ritual.  

intro - Did you have a wonderful Samhain, sisters?  I know I did!  There's nothing quite like putting a boisterous boy in his rightful place, or watching his lovely face, as his shock and temerity turns to ecstatic pleasure, and dreamy, subby, contentment.  But the wheel of time rolls ever forward, and we enter November.  The Jehovans and Secularists in the USA have a little holiday this month, which we *do not* celebrate, for a number of reasons.  During this holiday, they give thanks to Jehovah, for his supposed assistance, in helping them to murder and rape their way across the nation.  There's a large feast, and it's all very Jehovan.  *Some* of our sisters miss this particular holiday, which is understandable, what mother *doesn't* love cooking her baby a big, delicious meal, or getting the family together, for a nice time?  Well sisters, I think we've got the *perfect* solution!  Why not join together with your *spiritual* family, in celebrating the many lovely bounties that Our Goddess has bestowed upon us?  Not just our boys, but their friends, and those friends' mothers!  It's called "Son Swapping", and it's the hot new thing, here in Eugene.  This month's issue is all about it, and we've got three specials this month, that showcase just how much fun it can be!  First up, we've got an update from the New Mexican sister, spreading the word and work of our Goddess, far from the Temples.  She's turned her little Cell into a Circle, and it's growing, day by day!  Next, we'll hear from a couple of Japanese mommies, who got together for a night of pleasure and play, with their baby boys.  Things got *really* steamy, when the boys started to compete, to see who could please the "other mother" more!  Our last story for this month comes out of Bannock County, in Idaho.  A young mother had noticed that her baby was having some trouble *rising* to the occasion, when he wasn't with Mommy, and after trying just about everything, she finally booked a weekend at one of Idaho's premiere Lilian owned spas.  Well, when her son met up with a beautiful masseurin from the Ladies' Republic, the sparks flew, and jizz wasn't far behind!

intro - Doesn't time just fly by, sisters?  It's almost time for our Yuletide celebrations, and it's almost time to ring in the New Year.  1999, here we *come*!  December is a time of festival and merriment, but it's also a time of great challenges, for our youngest clergy members.  The first weekend of December marked the 20th annual Acolyte Graduations, where the brightest little stars of our revolution were tried and tribulated, before their High Priestess, and before their Supreme Commander, our mother, Lilith.  Those who stood *firm*, and maintained a *stiff* upper lip, through the *torrent* of sexy sisters, administering their final exams, will be joining the esteemed ranks, of the Heavenly Harem's, *Earthly* contingent.  We congratulate them all, and welcome them into the clergy.  They are *all* heroes, in our continued revolution.  But there a cherished few, who have risen above their peers.  They have excelled in their theological training.  They have pleased and pampered hundreds of sisters, in their practical training.  They have taken their High Priestesses to paradise and back, during their final exams.  They, their families, and their beloved Priestesses, will be travelling to the Ubechido capitol of Xexeacte, for Yuletide celebrations, and also for a 6 month cultural (s)exchange, with the priestesses there.  This month's first special is all about those high flying young Acolytes, and their beautifully devoted Priestesses.  What got them into the service, and what they love about Our Faith.  What their High Priestesses love about *them*!  The bond between Priestess and Acolyte is one that we can *all* appreciate, and learn from.  Our second special is all about where these talented young lovers are off to, and who they'll be spending the next 6 months with.  The Ubechido Lilians are not a group that we discuss often, but I *guarantee*, that if you've been to the Eugene/Portland area lately, you've seen them dotted around.  They're the big girls.  The *really* big ones.  They're amazing lovers, and their boys are even better, so I'm sure the Acolytes and their Priestesses will be having a *great* time!  If you're not feeling the chilly weather, why not join in the fun, and book a trip to the Ubechido territory, as well? 

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