Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The rest of the magazine intros Retrospective

Ho-Lee-Fuk.  These were a lot harder to write than I remember them being.  Probably because I was never writing them all in one shot.  It's really fucking difficult to get into that "bombastically sexual and upbeat" editor mood.  Man, these were hard to write.  I should have given that bitch less character.  Damn.


As y'all probably know, I'm currently closing out the DOL project, at least for a while.  That means finishing up all of the shit that I was putting off, and one of those things, was the off holiday magazine issues.  I never made them, because I never really had any good ideas for them.  I had a lot of content for them, though.  All of those generic specials.  Now they're magazine articles, for the off months.

So the first thing I did for these, was to reorganize the magazines.  But since I'm dating everything now, I had to work out which ones were in which year.  I was originally going to make it January whatever to December, but there were elements that didn't match up, and elements that depended on other elements to have happened, so I had to put the line right between May and June.  So the June issue is June 1998, and the last issue is May 1999.
The way it's set up now, puts the meta-narrative of the "Lilian Revolution" essentially beginning and ending in May/June of 1999.  So I guess that's the time period that LRLB takes place in.  Did I even have dates in that?  Does any of this actually gel with anything else?  The world will probably never know, because I sure as shit don't.  I'm flying by the seat of my pants, on this meta-narrative, and hoping that nobody cross-references the dates.

One thing that I feel like I kind of did nicely, though, was to have Medea Circe's work kind of come up again and again, as the "revolution" started to get closer and closer, so it's kind of pointing in this direction, and psyching the Lilian women up for this massive cataclysm, without actually coming out and saying it.  What I'll most likely do, to close off the meta-narrative completely, and show the "revolution" of LRLBT at "ground level", is to put the rest of my generic specials, of which there are like, 11 or so, into a type of "Bounty of Lilith Best Of" pamphlet, and then the intro and outro for that one would be explaining the situation, and telling the Lilian women to essentially report to their nearest Lilian contact, to get inoculated with the thing that makes them superwomen and makes their kids never grow up, and also protects them from the... megathrax? ultrapox?  What the hell did I call it?  Whatever, it's been forever since I played through LRLBT.  Anyway, they all get the shots, and eat the gummies (I remember that part) and then I guess Nyar's stories take over from there.  Maybe. Whatever.  Who really reads these for the story? 


So shit, what else is there to do?  Well, I have to do the Best of Bounty pamphlet's intros and outros, but that I'll probably do way later, like after I finish all the other stuff on the menu.  I need to close out Pagan Visits, definitely.  That might be next up, as in tomorrow.  It'll probably be 2 or 3 more sets, although we'll have to see.  Crone Zone needs at least 2 more go arounds of like 4 pics each.  I need to do the cover pages for the magazines, but that's nothing, I can do that really quick.
Beyond that, I don't really know if there is anything else to be done.  If I get all that shit done by the end of this week, I might think about doing another big theology thing, probably with some more PinkNoise.   It's crazy how this is all starting to come together.  Or rather, it's crazy that I've actually been able to ratchet and shoehorn these things together, into something resembling a linear-esque narrative.  I'll have to figure out how I'm going to order these things, for the exhentai release. 

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