Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Kufuku Update and Ideas

So I actually am working on Kufuku these days, and plan to continue working on Kufuku, for the immediate future.  Things are coming along, and I've kind of got a sort of rhythm going, with my workflow. 

I'm not sure whether I've ever really explained how Kufuku is formatted, and what some of the core gameplay concepts actually are.  I know I did that for Joobachi, but I don't think I actually did it for Kufuku, because for a looooong time, Kufuku was actually called, "Joobachi Prologue".
Basically, Kufuku follows the story of Rusty Shackleford, a little white-trash boy in Portland Oregon, whose mother has disappeared off the face of the earth.  You, the player, are Rusty.  This immediately raises some issues, with the standard LRLB formula of an open world, with little quests dotted around.

First off, you're a kid.  Your life is dominated by school, and the adults around you.  Obviously, your mother is gone, but that doesn't mean you're allowed to fuck off from school.  Truancy is a fast-track to CPS, which is an automatic game over, since you get sent to live with your grandmother at that point.  You're a kid

The second element of the gameplay flow ties into the first one.  Since you're so young, like 10, you can't really cook for yourself, and you don't really know how to buy food, either.  You don't have any money, at any rate.  So you're reliant on adults for your meals.  This is essentially the meaning of the subtitle "Kufuku" (hunger), and the general flow of the game.  You, the player, largely go from meal to meal, with each meal becoming its own little /ss/ story, since your meals have to come from somewhere, and of course, all the men have been drafted into "The War".  So you go to some woman, she feeds you, and there's some kind of /ss/ thing that ties into it.  That's where I'm at right now, for the beginning of the game.

At some point, probably after the cherrypop scene, which should take place around day 10 or so, the game will open up, and we'll start in on the third element.  Storyline-wise, this is either going to be contextualized as spring break, or some kind of teacher's strike, or something, that gets you out of school.  Instead of relying on women completely for your meals, whichever group you're closest to will give you a roll of food stamps, and your job will essentially be to go around fucking your way through the women of Portland.
If you've sided with the Lilians, you'll be converting them to Lilism, by saying that they'll get awesome sex 24/7 if they join up.  If you've sided with the Marians, you'll be converting them to Marian Catholicism, by saying that they're on the path of sin, and only Jesus can save them from their terrible lusts.  Either way, you'll be going through the old battle scenes for the actual sex, but this time, instead of actually winning each battle, the goal is to tie.  As in, you both "die" at the same time, or close to it, and the specifics of this are going to be sussed out when I get to them, but there will be a lot of ins and outs to it, and I'm really planning on making the battles interesting this time, from a purely gameplay perspective.  The different skills that you pick will correspond to the types of women that you'll be able to attract, and the sorts of things you'll be able to do with them, in the battle scenes.  So if you're trying to seduce a dominant woman, you'd need a submissive skill, or you'd have a tougher time in the battle scene.  Probably, you'd have to use some kind of item, or get her into some kind of specialized situation.  Also, you'd have to always be cognizant of her "HP", your "HP", and how the two are going up and down.  Wet fish would be easier deal with, obviously, than more active lovers, since they're easier to predict.  Lots of ins and outs, and expect more discussion on this later on. 

So that's the very basics of Kufuku.  You go along through the basic storyline, meeting and being molested/groomed/fed by different women in the first act, until you get to the cherrypop scene, which starts the second act, where school ends, and then you go around probably taking little quests at will, while also banging randos to gain EXP and get to the final tier of the skilltree, which leads into the third act, where the storyline narrows back down, probably goes back to the pattern of meals and an /ss/ story, but the stories are far more explicit, and more than likely feature a battle/sex scene. 

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