Friday, May 19, 2017

Artist's Statement and Future Plots

When I started the Let's Rape Little Boys project, it was mostly a joke.  A stupid little collection of vignettes from my personal, 14-17 year old fantasies.  Over time, that project became a type of diary.  I wrote about my experiences, readings, and overall life journey.  Gaiden became Taisen, as I joined the military, and served as an intelligence analyst.  My experiences after I returned, wounded, to the USA, played a part in the story as well.  It became much more than just a collection of sexual fantasies. 

The Daughters of Lilith were a relatively late addition to that project.  I had originally wanted to share my weakass excuse for tradecraft with the world, through my game.  I chose MeK (MKO/NCRI) as the conduit of that knowledge transfer.  My burgeoning understanding of The Ahlulbayt made it into that game, as well, along with my newfound (but not *that* newfound) love for erotic hypnosis.  The Daughters were intended to serve as a foil to the MeK Organization.  I cribbed some notes from Nyar, grabbed some propaganda from the one real femped I came across in the "CLogo Era" of the early 2000s (when I was just the right age to participate), and slapped a second church together.  I literally took out the pews from the Catholic Church, and replaced them with beds.  I did not work hard on The Daughters at first.

There was something about The Daughters, though, that kept me coming back.  Lilith, probably.  She became a foil for Fatima (Zahra) in my mind, just as The Daughters were a foil for MeK.  As my love for Fatima grew, my love for Lilith also increased.  I truly enjoy writing about Lilith, even more than I enjoy writing about the Lilians.  I don't know, if there is a Lilith, and I don't know, whether or not that she would be *super* pleased with my activities here.  I do, however, get the feeling she has a pretty good sense of humor, if she does in fact exist.  This artist's statement is as much to her, as it is to anybody else.  If Fatima exists, Lilith might also exist.  Also Djinn.

Just like with Let's Rape Little Boys, Bounty of Lilith was a diary, more than anything else.  I was working with disadvantaged children every day in Eastern Europe.  It was frustrating, watching them go home, to be hungry.  Those experiences made it into the Daughters of Lilith story, and while I'd tried to get the "cautionary tale" aspect of the Lilians out there, there was a limitation with how negative, or *realistic* the Bounty of Lilith magazine, or any other "official" publications could be.  I did at least want to end the story, though.  Maybe it picks up where Nyar's stories... pick up...  Maybe not though. 

These new stories that I'm doing are an attempt to show the reality of the Lilians, as well as the Pagans.  I'm trying to place each character in multiple stories, so that the players can gain a full understanding of who these women are.  For example, a woman, let's call her Parvati, may take a new convert to a burlesque dreampop show in a basement, for one story.  Anoher story might take place in that basement, and be between the Lilian brother and sister who live there.  Parvati might come by, to deliver weed-wine and MDMA-tea to the performers, and bartenders.  Sometimes, the deliveries will be Laotian surplus weapons, equipment, soldiers, or officers. 

Essentially, these stories are about the reality of the Lilians, and their mafia-esque lifestyle.  It'll mostly be from the viewpoint of the children, who are *very* involved in the activities, but a few might be from different viewpoints.  One thing that I'm seriously considering, is "porting" the stories of some Pinky Violence films, like the Rika series, over into the Post-Rev (Cyberpunk 70's) environment, and having the player be a guardian angel, who can manipulate electronic circuits.  The goal of these games/stories would be to teach small electronics repair. 


I'm planning a WINSPMBT and WINSPWW2 campaign for at least some of the "Post-Revolution" storyline for the Lilians.  I'm also planning a "Portland vs Eugene" Jagged Alliance 2 mod, but that'll probably take a while.  I think I might be done with RPGMaker for a while, especially now that I've built my own RPG system in Twine.  So post-rev, the Lilians drop the act, and grab the gats.

But more interesting than the Lilians, in a sense, are the Pagans, and the LRI Pagans, in particular.  They run a relatively large power bloc, and control entire militaries.  Their nations include Romania, Iraq, Angola, and Laos.  They have commandos *everywhere*.  I'd established, in quite a few places, that the Iraq of Taisen was not a particularly muslim or easternized place.  Conversion was happening all the time, and I'd established in a few other places that the entire Ladies' Republican movement was Pagan, in nature.

I'm a bit torn as to where I want to go with the story post-revolution.  I definitely want to continue the story of the Lilians, but I *really* want to continue the story of the Lilians and Pagans battling it out post-rev.  I think, most likely, I'll be making an HOI3 mod for that, but who knows how long that'll take.  Maybe I'll stick to HOI2, and base it of Kaiserreich.  We'll see. 

As for the Twine games, like I said up there in my "artist's statement", I'll be doing a couple of pre-rev stories, mostly about the Pagans and Lilians in and around San Fransisco, with a couple trips up to Salem, and maybe a short exploration of Xexeacte, in the Ubichido territory.  I'm thinking I'll do at least one "Switchblade Sisters" type story post-rev, although I might have it be pre-rev instead.  It depends on what I want to make the gang, on an ideo/theo level. 
I'm really thinking hard about those Half-Breed Rika type stories, though.  I like the idea of putting the player in that "guardian spirit" role, and I *really* like the idea of writing a Yakuza sexploitation motorbike-girl movie with Unions instead of Yakuza, and also /ss/ with a Wiccan warrior nun.  I've always wanted to write some cyberpunk, and Cyberpunk 70s is just calling out to me.  Expect a demo of that sooner, rather than later. 

I'm thinking that the Twine games will wind up being written all together, with characters popping up in one, and disappearing into another.  They're all going to be connected, and I'll be trying to release new chapters weekly.  We'll see what happens. 

You can find my new stuff below :

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