Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lilian Chakra Wars 1 Retrospective

This whole set is essentially just me pimping my new SPMBT maps and scenarios.  Basically, since Kufuku is essentially set in a warzone now, why not play the battles?  You're probably going to be playing the war in Kufuku.  The different factions have different unit setups, for example, the Juno Pagans have secondary control over the Romanian Navy, and full control over the Romanian Naval Infantry, at least on Vancouver.  They don't have the Securitate.  The Flower Girl Pagans have a chopper brigade, and the Angitian Madrians have a chopper engineering team. 

Anyway, all the different groups have different laws, and since they sorta-kinda immediately gain control over the island (the real Canadian military makes an appearance later on) they actually have to run the place.  The Lilians essentially force the issue of consent age, and "surprisingly" recieve an answer back. 

This was a super fun one to make, and honestly, I hope Titlemot(?) likes what I did with his pictures.  They're ridiculously nice, and very sensual, without being too extreme.  They're not extreme at all, really. 

I got a little overly-esoteric with some of these, but I definitely wanted to capture a 70s and 80s era Lilian vibe, where they're still figuring things out, and actually hammering out their religion.  Mother Sophia is still alive, although she's in County Prison for something or another.  I think I'll make it shoplifting, canonically.  It's like her 8th strike, so they give her 364 days in county. 

Yep, that's taken care of.  Now for the real retrospective.


00intro is our intro.  It's a really nice picture, the woman looks very nice and maternal looking down at her son(?).  Nice dress and shoes, too.  I like that the boy's looking away, and I like that I was able to get it into the caption.  I'm going for more of a shortform style now, so I'm using larger font.  Hopefully it turns out better. 
The big thing that they're talking about here, is the acceptance (and legitimization) of their third eye and sacral chakra idea.  This set of laws is basically what allows them, in canon, to exist the way that they do.  There is a nation in the world (spoiler alert) that accepts their bullshit theory.  Hopefully this whole thing becomes the wheat-paste glue that holds the ever-crumbling meta-narrative together.  Syndicalists aren't always sloppy.

01strategicsituation is the intro to the overall baseline, from which the Lilians in-game can and will operate from.  There has to be one, to make good sex stories, and this is it.  I decided to have this be the baseline, because it makes for a decent amount of straightforward *sexy* stories, that can be placed in RPGMaker withouot utilizing the battle system (which hasn't been ported from Twine even a little bit) or going outside the speech boxes. 
We've got nurse scenes, nun scenes, foot scenes, possibly enema scenes (*possibly*), and lots of kissing and snggling scenes, which I honestly really enjoy writing.  Also, I might be incorporating some type of exotic dance system in, that isn't DDR based.  No more DDR in RPGMaker. 
The little tactical bits are just to remind the reader that we're still talking about an active warzone. 

02strategicsituatin follows somewhat directly from the last page, but I'm going to talk about the picture first.  Wow, this is a great picture.  The clothing, the piercings, I really wish I made these in larger resolutions, so the picture could be enjoyed completely, but it really is a great one.  I love her outfit, and the way it contrasts somewhat with the loving sisterly vibe of the whole scene.  There is a sexual element too, but the boy's honestly too adorable to bring that up.  The immportant thing is that our chakra connections are there, and they are.
The text here was tough to write, but fun to write.  I listen to all these genres regularly, but the writer of this pamphlet probably wouldn't.  I got a little shout-out to New Beat, ignoring its apparent emergence like 4 years earlier than in the real world.  Whatever.
New Age Falangists.  I'm going to have a lot of fun writing them.  I'm thinking that the Madrian Falangists will be more focused on the economic sides, in the countryside, while the New-Age Falange will be based in the cities and suburbs, and will create some hellish cult of personality around a Teal Swan type character.  Or maybe I'll disappear for another 11 months, who knows?

03limitations I think may have wound up being retroactively placed in here, to sort of limit what I was and was not allowed to do, and figure out how exactly the different regions worked.  Figure it out and then actually inform the reader, because headcanon isn't actually anything, when you get to the Omnibus stage.
So we've basically established who the Lilians are allied with, on the ground.  Madrian Victorists, who have a page later, and Arachne Consortium, which I have no clue what, exactly, I'm going to do with regards to introducing them. 
Either way, the picture here is really nice, although it does look like it's older student and boy, as opposed to teacher and boy.  Never really thought about that one.

04falangenewage is me having fun writing about the New Age Falangists.  Here, we get the message that the Angitians and Madrians are teamed up, with the Angitians being below the Madrians for now.  They also hate the Lilians.  The New Age Falangists, however, are out in the suburbs, so they can't really hate anyone.  They're too spread out.  Falangists are part Anarchist, when you get right down to it, and I'm having a lot of fun exploring that whole set of ideas, with New Agers.
The picture here is pretty deece, although it doesn't really show much, so it's a little ambiguous, in-universe.  This is yet another example of not paying for art, and not getting the exact art that you need for this or that.

05falangemadrian, and I promise, we'll get to the syndies, is introducing the Madrians.  It's not really a spoiler, since you can just go look, but spoiler alert, the Madrians have an MBT and a fuckload of Mechanized Cav from the UK.  The text here is just to say that they're well-equipped, and they have an extremist view, which breeds military prowess. 
The picture here seems damn near made for my purposes, which is always nice.  Good alignment, and exactly zero obvious anything.  Well, he is sucking her toes, but hey, kids do that, right?  Right?  Nice that his eyes are closed, and the HMMVW is a good match to the text. 

06madrianvictorists is intended to introduce the reader to the Victorists, who are difinitely not named after their High Priestess' slave, Victor.  They embrace the Victorian style of punishment, and if you go look up Aristatsia, or probably even MotherGod, and WomanThouArtGod, and possibly LovingFemaleDomination, you'll get to their basic ideas.  They're the kinder, gentler, version of the Lilians, sexually, and a kinder, gentler, version of the Arachnists, BDSM-wise.  I'll be having a lot of fun writing them.  In ZMBreastival, they've got a city commando team.
The pic here is about as extreme as Titlemot really gets, which is fun.  I write *for* these pics, but this one was really easy to work into the story.  Another student on student, which I guess is a fetish I can try doing, sometime.

07flowergirls brings the onee-chan, although we've been seeing plenty of her, already.  Not many old ladies in Titlemot's work, and most of the time, they're fucking the kids in some way, but I just looked, there's a few I can use later.  I love, love, love, those stockings on the kissy girl.  It's also nice that the other girl's arm is between her legs.  The boy sits placidly, like always.  Lambs to the slaughter, these kids. 
Is a chopper assault team too much for the flower girls?  I think they might have snipers, too.  That at least makes sense, since they can be like, huntresses.  Paratroopers, maybe not, although I'm about on the verge of making it so the men fight, and the women do everything but.  It'll certainly simplify things in RPGMaker.  I like the idea of having a moveable middle with heavy firepower.

08cities is the first really genuinely sexual act that we see, and the boy looks tied up, too.  It's funny, but I don't actually mention the fact that he's tied up at all, in the caption.  I meant to.  I like the hips on the girls, there's not much to work with when you're drawing from the waist down, but the legs on these girls always do look nice, and the hips are very nice in this pic. 
The text here might be changed, I'm thinking they should be Goldbergists, since Emma dated a dude who was 10 years younger.  Not sure.  Anyway, this text is supposed to make it clear that there are different laws even in the different pockets of the city.  It's also supposed to introduce the idea of "The Sacral Kiss", and the idea that there are various Acolyte groups that are fulfilling the "Joy Woman" role for the Lilians. 


I'm thinking next up, I'll be handling the rest of this, there's still the Junics to discuss, and possibly the Social Maternalists, although they go hand in hand. 

The game element of these is below, these are WINSPMBT maps and scenarios.  They're for the latest version of WINSPMBT.


  1. Hey M5k, I don't know if you're still here, but I'll post this anyway, it's just a suggestion for your LRLB Kufuku game. I played it for a little bit and managed to get into one sex scene, however, it bugged me that it was just text with no images and I assume all of them are like that. So I thought in asking you, have you ever thought of doing them with CG scenes? You know, sequences from Hentai games, here are a few examples:

    I know they might not follow the story you have in mind, but you never know if they could inspire you in some way.

    1. Ah, I forgot to mention, the examples I gave you have text, yes, but there are many works that don't include them too, those are the ones you should look for. =)