Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Lilian Chakra Wars 1

 Titlemot pics : Guide to Vancouver AoC laws

145662128650 : intro

We have finally made our voices heard, sisters, and forced our cultural revolution onto the patriarchies of the Victoria suburban landscape!  With this grand victory, the age of consent issue has been put forward to all Vancouver Trade Union officials, and quite surprisingly, *all* have responded!  We will begin, sisters, with our greatest victory, the legalization of cosmic warfare against Jehovah himself!  Before you lies the greatest gift that Our Goddess has offered us, the unification of the sacred womb, and the spiritual eye.  This, dear sisters, has recently been made legal for *all* regions on Vancouver Island.  From the angriest Angitian, to the sloppiest Social Maternalist, *none* have dared deny this unique element of revolution.  Take care, sisters, to pay special attention to the angles used, in this ritual.  The spiritual eye is not fully aligned with the spiritual womb, and the mundane eyes are focused away.  Presumably towards Goddess, but hey, who cares?  We won!

145667870947 : explanation of strategic situation

Unfortunately, we have not been victorious on all fronts.  This is the best we've been able to get out of the Trade Unions Council, island-wide.  Latex gloves required, no insertion, limited touching.  Racial issues vary by region.  Next time, more 75mm Rifles, and definitely more horses.  They don't like shooting the horses.

149859190859 : further strategic situation, and laws

Our greatest boon has been the emergence of "dream-pop" and "shoe-gaze" music.  Although our Caribbean and Island sisters will more than likely continue to enjoy the patronage of our Mothers and especially Matrons, the Maidens of both the Madrian&New-Age Falange Syndicates, and Mama Anarchian Makhnovist Communes have clearly voted with their feet, and have chosen these new genres.  We suspect that the emergance of Mandrax, Empacod, and Dagga, have played a role in these new music choices.  Our own New Beat has flourished as well, leading the Red and Black districts to sport much looser dress codes for clergy.

145675846494 : strategic situation and laws

Here, we start to run into the limits of what the individual Vancouver Trade Unions are willing to accept, from clergy.  The method of fusing the energies of the spiritual eye and the sacred womb is quite clear, in Lilian teachings.  This method, however, is taken with disdain and disgust by most of the sisters leading the Trade Union Council.  Only the Madrian Victorists and the Arachne Consortium and Repository stand with us in support of these specific ritual.

147951247155 : new age falange

While the Madrian Reciters and their Angitian puppets have largely expressed a hatred of our methods, the many disparate neighborhood council secretaries of the New Age Falangists have been substantially more interested in discussing our ideas within their circles.  The very hierarchical, but also very scattered nature of their trade unions has led to a unique situation.  Each neighborhood has its own rules, which means that the conversion of a single cul-de-sac, can lead to an entire subdivision of cuties clamoring to the playground, for their daily prayers.  With enough security, and enough cultural pressure, we can exploit this situation to our advantage.

148431696666 : madrian reciter falange

Madrian Reciters are a group that should be feared, and respected.  They accept only two roles for their men, soldiers, and scholars.  Pick off the soldiers individually, and get their spirit eyes aligned without any fanfare.  It's easier than you'd think.

146143027752 : madrian victorists

The Madrian Victorists are a small group, but their covert nature makes them useful to us.  Unfortunately, they, like many other covert groups on the island, have been entrapped in the velvet web of Sister Arachne, and her Consortium.  The Madrian Victorists, while accepting of Lilith as a vicegerent, or "Janyati" to Dea, do not consider her to be anywhere above or below these "other" helpers.  This means that in the very few temples that the Victorists hold, our cultural revolution has spread, but with restrictions.  Boys in the Victorist sphere are treated to plenty of light and moderate BDSM, to prepare them for a life of servicing attack and transport helicopters, along with their nymphomaniacal pilots, and their insatiable bitch-goddess, Arachne.

149755548955 : flower girls

The Flower Girls, who worship a variety of earth-related goddesses, have proven their worth, and with the help of the Junic Order, have managed to supply and equip a surprisingly effective helicopter assault team.  As a very popular, and very *young* group of maidens, the Flower Girls play a serious role in our cultural revolution.  Tearing them away from the Junic Priestesses is the only way to get them past "kissing games" with the boys.
Most of our plans involve infiltration by non-registered acolytes, and preferably those from a rural background.

145662453566 : criminal activities

Look closely sister, because if you're in Victoria proper, you're witnessing a crime.  Not against Our Goddess, of course, I'm sure she enjoyed this particular shoot.  But in every "Densely Urban" Temple aside from the ones run by the Southeast Victoria Luxembourgists, this particular act, is in fact illegal.  We state this fact many times, because honestly, we keep losing sisters to these issues.  The Junic Order of Victoria, right along with the Flower Girls, *and* the Social Maternalists, have *banned* "The Sacral Kiss".  This means, no lips on your vulva.  No lips on your *lips*.  *Definitely no lips on your clit*.  If he's not an Expeditionary Embedded Acolyte, *don't fuck him*!  Oral Sex IS Sex!  At least in Victoria...

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