Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Bliss of Surrender Retrospective

I've been having a lot of fun writing for LRLB, and the games that surround it.  I haven't started the Twine game yet, but that's just because I'm trying to get a lot done in my actual life. 

Expect fewer updates, and shorter captions.  They'll probably be a bit more esoteric, as well, since they're for a section of LRLBT2K where Jenni Vertanen and her pals from the elementary school are feeding you Quaaludes and trying to brainwash you into accepting Lilism. 


 As far as retrospectives go, I think I'll be short and sweet. 

I'm not so sure about having the lines in 00intro not rhyme fully.  Moth to the flame doesn't have "other" at the end of it, so it doesn't fit the scheme.  That said, the moth to the flame concept "if you get too close, you'll die, but you love every second up to that point" is poignaint.  I'm keeping it.

The picture on 01bliss is great, and it's nice that all sorts of different sized women are present.  It's nice that there's some degree of skin-color and eye color diversity, as well.  Very heavenly seeming pic.

The very pleasantly plump girl in 02enfoldment is wearing dogtags...

In 03eternity, I thought hard about having eternal be in there twice, but it's probably a pretty important element of the faith overall for the boys. 

Bringing out the demoness in 04reverence right after looking into your eternal bliss is an interesting little dichotomy.  The heaven and hell stuff is really fun to play around with.  I like "Elegances", as well.

05submission is one that *could* go, but probably shouldn't.  Again, we see the demonesses, and they're not being so giving, although the boy does look pretty placid, like a lamb being led to the slaughter.  Maybe they've got Quaaludes in Lilith's Domain.

06maternalism is where we start to look into the politics of LRLB, and the greater renaissance.  It's also interesting that this obviously isn't a mother/son couple, and he's obviously like, really young.  I don't know about eyes/soul/mind, but hey, why rewrite it?

At 07surrender, we swap the color scheme again, to signify that we're getting to the point.  The text is basically new-age fluff, but it's still somewhat meaningful, especially when you consider the picture of the boy submitting to his maid, who ostensibly works for him. 

08outro is kind of a mixed bag.  I feel like there's a much better way to lay that graphic over the boy, or a better pic for it, or something.  I'll have to look at the artist's pixiv, which is below :

Yeah, I just went ahead and made an outro B, not sure if it's any better, but there it is...


I don't know what's really in the works, but probably more Twine content, or LRLBT2K content.  If I'm getting a lot done, I might have a daily build on my real website, .

So yeah, no future plots, but definitely some fun content.  Fun for me, at least. 

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